Eye On Thief

Eye On Thief 2.56

Security system which can detect changing the SIM card

Eye On Thief will automatically send an alarm SMS with the new phone number after SIM card is changed by the thief.

Features of Eye on Thief include:

Auto Run

When Eye On Thief is enabled, after mobile starts up, it will beep to show that the phone is currently under protection. Eye On Thief will not stay in memory, after detection it will exit automatically. Alarm message will be sent out after the set time if problem is detected

User-defined Option

Time to send out the alarm message after cell phone starts up, frequency of sending and SMS list can be user-defined

Support multiple SIM cards

Makes the legal user possible to use several SIM cards in a same mobile phone

Password setting

Used to set the administrator password

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Eye On Thief


Eye On Thief 2.56

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